Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Relatively Close Relatives

While researching for ML, I had come across an image on Ancestry.com that was uploaded by another member & marked as "private". I was interested, because it appeared to be a picture of her father's gravestone. I contacted the member to see if they would be willing to share that with me. As it turns out, I have actually found a not-too-distant cousin of ML! Basically the person I contacted is her cousin's granddaughter. She and her dad (which would be "first cousin 3 times removed and first cousin 2 times removed) live about an hour away and would actually like to come and visit her in the nursing home! They have been in touch with a cousin that is still living in Poland [where ML's ancestors emigrated from] that is also helping with the research. I'm sure they're going to be able to provide a lot more information than I can get too, so I'll have to arrange for that visit sometime too.

I can't believe all this happened in just a few short days. Kind of validates my idea for this project, I think.

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