Friday, April 19, 2013


I decided I wanted to start my own blog (all of these posts are sort of post-dated to fill in my prior thoughts) and as part of that I wanted a nice project name. I settled on "Silver Branches" to capture both the intended audience, and the service I'm providing. I think that will do just fine going forward. Sometime I'll need to work on the styling for my page, but I'm really bad at that kind of stuff. At work we've been discussing CSS pages a little, so I have a few ideas to try.


  1. I like the title title - you're good at coming up with those. :-)

  2. Thanks Katherine! I try my best. :)

  3. Sean - I just discovered your blog, and LOVE your idea !! I do something similar, sort of in reverse - I find old photographs and track down living descendants, to get the photos back in the hands of family (instead of antique stores and flea markets). So your blog is very interesting to me, and I just love this idea so much. What a gift you are giving these folks! I'll bet you find that you receive just as many blessings as your "clients" do.
    Mary Beth Marion

  4. Thanks so much Mary Beth! As I mentioned on your blog, I think you have a fantastic idea too. Best of luck and keep in touch!