Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Visit with ML

Excited and nervous, I decided it was time I make a trip to the nursing home and share what information I had so far. I wasn't sure what to expect as I walked down the corridors to ML, as she was finishing up her dinner, but those fears quickly dissolved as I sat down with her and two other residents. Although she was in a wheelchair, she was sharp and as our conversation went on, she was doing a good job remembering useful details. It was somewhat difficult to hear some of the more painful memories from her childhood (father was an alcoholic, uncle turned to alcohol after breaking his leg, etc.). I'm hoping I can find some more uplifiting stories to share with her. I was able to find names of her grandparents, which she hadn't ever known before, or at least not her mom's side, so that was a plus. I left her with the information I had, and she seemed eager to dig through her photos and see what information she had to share with me the next time I visit. Overall, definitely a positive experience and I'm glad that I can work with her first - she's very easy to talk to!

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