Thursday, April 25, 2013

Second Visit with ML

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to stop by and visit with ML again. She's doing well - and quite the popular lady! As I arrived, someone else was finishing up a visit with her, and while I was there her son also came by for a visit. It was neat seeing him too - the only record I have of him is on the 1940 Census when he was just a baby.

She was interested to find out there were many more relatives than she ever realized. She had previously looked in phone books to find other Poniatowski's, but because the females changed their names after getting married, she didn't know anything about them. It sounds like there are quite a number of new relatives to research! She is getting excited to meet her relatives and asked me to get their phone number for her. It will be a lot of fun when I can bring everyone together!

I remember last week after I met with her thinking "I don't know how much more I'll be able to find." Boy was I wrong! A genealogist's job is never done.

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