Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Post-War Polish Letter

I thought readers may be interested in reading the actual letter sent from Poland to the U.S.  It really captures the emotions of this time:

Borowiczki, Poland
February 18, 1920

My dear children:-
     Your letter I have received.  I am well and wish you the same.  You are inquiring how we are getting along.  You know that your Father died and I am all alone in this town with Bienkowskis.  My dear children, I am begging you not to let me stay along with other people, but come to me as soon as you can.
     Of course you know that our home has been destroyed and has to be remodelled and other things taken care of and you can pay for this after selling some of your other property, and go back to America, taking me with you.
     Concerning the money that you have sent to Warsaw, I was told at the Bank that you are the only one to whom they will give same.  I am informing that a lot of changes happened in our town.  A number of people have died.  The whole family of our friends Chenkis have died.  Your uncle has been taken prisoner by Russians during the war and we have not heard from him.  I cannot write any more, but will wait until you arrive to me.

The application also mentions...

In the last letter which he received from the Department some thing was said of sickness and disease spreading in Poland, he states that, said is not the case in the part of Poland where he intends to visit, but he must go, and he is taking this risk on his own shoulders.

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