Friday, April 26, 2013

Financial Friday: Donations

I debated whether I should include a button for donations, but in the end gave in as I could see this becoming an expensive service to produce. I feel like I should provide an explanation of where those donations will go.

Right now, I've personally paid for a 6-month membership to Ancestry which will end in September 2013. I only subscribe off-and-on (sometimes not for an entire year at a time). Primarily, donations would help with membership fees to this site, the bread and butter for my research. For just access to US records, this is $155 for an annual membership, or $23 per month.

In the rare event that there happens to be donated money beyond this, I have a few ideas for how those funds could be used:

*) Subscribing to a newspaper archive service would be a plus. Some newspapers are available on Ancestry, but there is next to nothing in the Cleveland area. This would cost roughly $20 per month or $70 per year.

*) Upgrading the Ancestry account to include international records. I don't really see enough value in this yet, but after working with more residents, I may have enough of a research backlog to begin looking in international records. Right now, the need is simply not there.

*) There are some other ideas like obtaining vital records, creating keepsakes once most of the research is complete, etc. I list these last as these are things I feel the nursing home may be willing to pay for.

I've decided that the Donate button is way too prominent though, and I've figured out how to move it to a separate page in Blogger, so I will work on doing that soon too. Donations aren't really the goal here.

I did want to send a shout-out to Laura for being the first one to donate, followed by my parents. As you can see from my shopping list, it's much appreciated! Thank you!

Just a reminder that Silver Branches is not an official charitable organization, (that is, donations here are not tax-deductible because I have not filed for a 501(c3) ) but I assure you that the funds will go to advancing this project and providing meaningful information to the nursing home residents.


  1. You have a great idea here. Like your title "Silver Branches." Welcome to Geneabloggers!! I shared this as well on google.

    Regards, Grant

  2. Thanks so much Grant! Appreciate you checking out my blog. Did you by chance type in your address incorrectly? I tried to visit your website too, but it says the blog is not found.

  3. I applaud your idea and that you have put it in motion.

    My great-aunt was in a nursing home and told her life story to her roommate before she died. Ugh, I could just kick myself, I wasn't into genealogy at that time, what I wouldn't give to hear that story now. I have often thought about asking the local nursing home if any residents don't have family that maybe I could get their life story and somehow preserve that history.

    I would be willing to help for Ohio records. I am in central Ohio, just a few minutes from the Ohio Historical Society Archives. One of the most useful items for me have been the newspapers on microfilm that aren't on Ancestry. If you find a newspaper of interest in their database, feel free to contact me.